As part of our lab fund raiser, we now launched our new text radio communication product, FreedomText!
Get yours on Kickstarter or click here for more information.

As part of our lab fund raiser, we now launched our new secure password storage product, PassPad!
Get yours on Indiegogo or click here for more information.

GoFundMe, Crypto, and NFTs
As part of our lab fund raiser, we now accept donations via PatreonGoFundMe, cryptocurrencies and also started creating NFTs which are a great way to link the virtual world with the real world.
Every contribution helps, big or small, it all adds up!

We are going to make 2022 a great year.
No matter what it takes, we'll get a new lab to make and do great things for the world.
After considering all our options we decided to start a fundraiser to finance the new lab and its operations.
This is going to be a great adventure and you can be part of it!
See our timeline for more details.

Get our Free Electronics Tools and Component Guide! It contains 26 pages covering most common parts and tools, and is educational for beginners while still very useful for experts. Available in PDF and HTML format.
If you find it helpful, you can show your support for Venice Inventors by buying items or our online course from the links in the guide.

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

As state-wide restrictions in California forced all "non-essential" businesses to close, so did the building where we were renting the space for our humble lab. This really threw a giant monkey wrench into our work as we then had to quickly pack and move everything out before we would no longer have access to the building.
As we couldn't rent a space anywhere else, we had to put everything in storage
and had to make do at home, continuing our research and prototyping using the studio tiny floor space and kitchen.
Since for us quitting is not an option, we've been making new plans to open a bigger, better lab, and to that end we started a broad fundraising effort. Unlike funding from typical loan or stock options, we seek philantropic donations to preserve our autonomy while allowing us to reward our contributors in fair and innovative ways that are simply not possible with the traditional interests or shares model.