Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I do not receive my Transmit Private Service Confirmation email?
    • Confirmation emails should arrive almost instantly.
    • If you do not receive your Transmit Private confirmation email within 24 hours, check your SPAM folder. If it is not in your SPAM folder, contact us to have it resent.
  2. What Internet Browser should I use?
    • Transmit Private works with the latest releases of most generally available internet browsers. If you have a problem accessing the Transmit Private service, check to see if you are using the most up to date release of your browser.
    • If problems persist, please send an email to Transmit Private Customer Support.
  3. How do I change my password?
    • To change your password, you must first log into your account, then on the main admin page click the ACCOUNT SETTINGS link at the very bottom.
  4. What if I forget my password?
    • For security and privacy, Transmit Private does not store your password for retrieval.
    • Keep your password in a SAFE PLACE, off your digital devices that have internet access for best protection. Always keep your password offline.
    • If you forgot your password, you must open a new account. Transmit Private is an internet service. Password privacy and protection is a priority.
  5. How do I send a Transmit Private communication?
    • Login to the User Administration Page provided in the Transmit Private confirmation email you received after signing up for the service.
    • Select the FILE you want to send and UPLOAD the file to Transmit Private.
    • Complete the Receiver information: Name, Email, Cellular Email ( optional )
    • SEND the Transmit Private correspondence.
  6. Can I make distribution lists?
    • No. Transmit Private is a single Sender to Receiver correspondence.
  7. What is single authentication?
    • The Receiver is sent the Transmit Private correspondence with the Sender's personal account email address.
  8. What is double authentication?
    • In addition to single authentication, the Sender can elect to send a password to the Receiver's cellular phone that would be required to open the accessed Transmit Private correspondence. The password is automatically generated by Transmit Private.
  9. How do I find a cellular phone email address?
    • Send a text message from your cellular phone to your personal email account. Your cellular phone email address will be in the Sender address.
  10. Can a Receiver reply to a Transmit Private email Sender?
    • Yes. The reply will be sent in the Sender's personal email address inbox. Transmit Private does not store any REPLY communication.
  11. Can I retrieve deleted files?
    • No. Once a File is deleted from the Transmit Private service, it cannot be retrieved by any source.
  12. How do I know if a Transmit Private email has been accessed by the Receiver?
    • Look in the View Download log on your Transmit Private Administration Page. The Sender can elect to keep the file or delete the file in the LINKS section.
  13. Can I delete a Transmit Private link before it is accessed by the Receiver?
    • Yes. Check the REMOVE LINK in the LINKS section on your Transmit Private Administration Page.
  14. How can I change my Price Plan?
    • To change your Plan, first backup any files in your current account. Send an email to Transmitprivate.com that you are canceling your account in 30 days. At the end of the 30 day period, sign-up for your new preferred Price Plan service.
  15. Can I send a Transmit Private correspodence to a Smart Phone?
    • Yes and No. Standard files like a jpeg can be sent. Other file types require the phone to have the appropriate software capabilities to be opened. Limited memory can also be a problem for file downloads. In addition, there is a concern for privacey on files sent to a Smart Phone device as the Service Provider has access to files downloaded to the device until deleted by the User.
    • Transmit Private recommends accessing Transmit Private correspondence on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  16. How do I cancel my account?
    • To cancel your account, send an email with a 30-day notice to transmitprivate.com. Your account will be deleted, along with any files, at the end of your current monthly period for service.
    • If your monthly payment is not processed, you will have 14 days to make a payment before your account will be deleted, along with any files.
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