New Lab Fundraiser
We are focusing on starting a new lab to make and do great things for the world.
After considering all our options we decided to start a fundraiser to finance the new lab and its operations. This is going to be a great adventure and you can be part of it!
See our timeline for more details.
FreedomText on Kickstarter
As part of our lab fund raiser, we now launched our new text radio communication product, FreedomText!

Get yours on Kickstarter or click here for more information.

PassPad on Indiegogo
As part of our lab fund raiser, we now launched our new secure password storage product, PassPad!

Get yours on Indiegogo or click here for more information.

The Multiverse Of Venice Inventors
The landscape of Venice Inventors encompasses research, development, design, manufacturing, consulting and education.
Innovation is Fun
When you mix science, technology, art, research and creativity, you get innovation.
We are all about innovation, pushing the boundaries, going beyond what is considered possible, working today on a better tomorrow.
Our commitment and dedication make overcoming challenges a fun adventure, we turn obstacles into opportunities to learn and grow.

Simplicity is Key
We follow the principle that simplicity is key.  Minimizing the number of parts and/or lines of code not only reduces costs, it also maximizes reliability and performance.

Quality Goes a Long Way
Whether it is software or hardware we are creating, every extra effort we invest in making a better product exponentially translates into a better outcome and positive experience for the many end-users.
The Right Values
Our philosophy is to follow our heart, live our passion, always do our best and be positive. We are driven by a strong desire to make a difference, serve our local and global community by putting our skills to use and by taking action. We support ethics and openness in scientific research, so that others can build upon our work just as we benefited from the discoveries of those who came before us.
With the right values, everything simply works out effortlessly.

Community & Teamwork
We like to share our passion and resources with those who are curious, driven, ambitious or mad enough to dare venturing in the uncharted waters of progress. We want like-minded people to come together, brainstorm, learn and create new opportunities through cooperation and talent pooling. In addition to our Venice community which is filled with creative people, we also help communities around the globe find solutions to their problems via online forums.
A self-taught scientist engineer and entrepreneur with many talents and a passion for science, art and technology. Alex is the driving force behind Venice Inventors and in many ways follows on the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci.
Our resident bundle of joy and genius in the making,
Aleksandra is passionate with learning -- everything -- math, physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, art, you name it. She is the master's apprentice.

Guitarist, composer, music educator,
Not only can Vinnie teach and entertain, he also provides our team with invaluable inspiration and feedback.
Botanist, herbalist, nature lover, Nicole is passionate about plants and sharing her knowledge with children.
Brand ambassador
Tait is passionate about health and nutrition
Less Talk, More Tangible Results
We don't have time for bold claims, hype and smoke screens. When we talk about something we are either doing it or have done it already.

Commercial offshoots and finished products stemming from our R&D:
  • TripleS, the most secure enterprise data storage system
  • DWSE, the dark web search engine and safe proxy
  • TransmitPrivate, secure digital assets distribution 
  • Unicorn Petals, a line of therapeutic organic essential oil blends
  • GoodSigns, a digital signage service for stores, restaurants, venues, etc
  • ColorMe Software, the fun coloring apps
  • Any2Any, share files and clipboard between any devices
  • Alarmobile, vehicles and assets protection/tracking
  • Low-cost motorcycle alarm systems
  • MasterMind's Learning Electronics online course
  • UEG The ultimate electronics tools and components guide
  • MPClock, a small clock, with built-in cloud storage server
  • Professional prototyping board
  • Countless Amiga and Linux server software
Working prototypes and proofs of concept: 
  • PassPad, securely store and paste passwords
  • FreedomText, off-grid long range text communication
  • PDS, the multi-purpose pocket data storage devices
  • AS0, the anti-spam email service
  • Environmental sensors monitoring systems
  • AC powergrid wireless monitoring/logging
  • Large-scale sensor data logging/processing
  • Dust-free computer case cooling system
  • Multipurpose portable IoT devices
  • Voice-controlled speaking calculator
  • Portable gas/VOCs detector/monitor
  • Cable storage solution
  • VR-driven home automation
  • Laser-based security fence
  • Loft beds and furniture designs

Main areas of interest and research:

Computing, Electronics:
  • Automation/robotics/simulation
  • Data/communication security
    • Data collection/storage
    • Digital currencies
    • Environmental sensing AI
    • Human-centric UI design
    • Portable electronics/microcontrollers
    • Art/design
    • Devices
    • Tools
    • Structures
    • Solar-powered vehicles 
    • Boat/airship designs 
    • Propulsion systems 
    • Vehicle safety devices 
    • EV instant-recharge 
    • Wildfire prevention/detection/suppression
    • Personal/rural/industrial irrigation systems 
    • Aridisols rehabilitation methods 
    • Water pollution removal methods 
    • Tropospheric CO2 scrubbing 
    • Production 
      • Wind/Solar/Hydraulic/Geothermal  
    • Storage 
      • Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical